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MultiGuide is an image guided instrument that enables true navigation of non-navigable working instruments. It is easily adaptable to any commercial available navigation system, for example through universal adapter systems. It has 3 main components, the proximal piece, the body and the end piece.

See how each of the components can be configured and adapted for the performance of multiple procedures.

Proximal piece

The proximal piece is interchangeable according to the procedures performed. It enables true navigation of the working instrument by being connected to the localizer.


The body has a handle to ensure a good grip and holds the array that enables navigation. Depicted here with standard configuration, but the body may also include attachment for endoscope and display for endoscope and/or navigation images.

End pieces

The end piece is the guide for the working instrument. It is available in different shapes and forms to comply the needs of a specific procedures. The approach may be through natural orifices such as transnasally or transorally, or percutaneous. 


miniNAV is a miniature, low-cost, surgical navigation system for sinus surgery as well as standard MultiGuide procedures. Screen on device for intuitive and easy-to-learn navigation. Endoscope may be incorporated and displayed on the screen.

Typical configurations

Examples of typical configurations.

Take an interactive tour to see how MultiGuide can be configured to different purposes.

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